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CDW Repeats

CDW2014Thaddeus Kurowski and Dee Ginicola holding CDW’s Cup

For the second straight year and the third time in four years, CDW is the Community Corporate Champion.The results were announced earlier tonight at an awards reception at Griffin Hospital. Fletcher Thomspon’s Mike Bensch and Kelly Horan were also announced as the repeat winners of the Healthy Team event.


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Date Day Event Time Location
February 13  Thursday Kickoff 5:30 Griffin
February 24 Monday Pre-test 11:15-3:00 & 6:00-7:30 Griffin
February 26 Wednesday Pre-test 11:15-3:00 Griffin
March 3 Monday Breakfast 7:30 AM Griffin
March 15 Saturday Bowling 1:00 Milford
March 26 Wednesday Darts 5:30 Valley YMCA
April 3 Thursday Dinner 5:30 Griffin
April 15 Tuesday Cornhole 5:00 Valley YMCA
May 20  Tuesday Horseshoes 5:30 American Legion
May 7 Wednesday Lunch noon Griffin
May 10
Saturday Mini-Golf 9:30 Sports Center
May 19 Monday Post-test 11:15-3:00 & 6:00-7:30 Griffin
May 21 Wednesday Post-test 11:15-3:00 Griffin
May 31 Saturday Wiffleball 9:00 AM Ansonia Nature Center
June 3 Tuesday Bocce 5:30 Lafayette Field
June 18 Wednesday Road Race 7:00 PM Prendergast School
June 30 Thursday Awards 5:30 Griffin

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