2015 Corporate Cup Darts

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 – 5:30 PM
Valley YMCA

PerkinElmer – Darts Champs 2015


PerkinElmer’s Dinesh Venkataramanan and Amit Patil are the 2015 Community Corporate Cup Darts Champs. More to come Thursday

Dinesh Venkataramanan and Amit Patil had never participated in a Darts tournament before. However they are champions today and hey made it look easy as they went undefeated in giving PerkinElmer the 2015 Darts championship. 

Check out the Corporate Cup Facebook Group for pictures.

Complete Results:


Event Information

 Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to register. All team members must be present at the start of the event or the team will forfeit.

The Corporate Darts Tournament is a competition for teams of two. Players will alternate shooting per round. Scoring will be based upon the 301 Double Out system. Each side starts with 301 points and each score is subtracted from the remaining total. Scores will be tabulated electronically. Best of three out of each round advances to the next round. A coin toss will determine which team will play first. The losing team shoots first in the subsequent game. Players throw three darts each per round. Darts only score if they remain on the board five seconds after the final dart has been thrown by a player. Any dart that drops or bounces off the board may not be re-thrown. Whatever the board scores is the recorded score, even if the dart falls. Darts must be removed prior to switching players. Exit to the right of the board after removing darts. Game ends when the first team reduces the score to exactly zero.

Darts will be provided by the YMCA. Participants may use their own darts if they are compatible with our boards.

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