Corporate Cup Horseshoes 2016


Tuesday, May 10 – 5:30 PM (Rain date is Thursday, May 12)
American Legion Sutter-Terlizzi Post #16
Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton

NPI Regains Horseshoes Title


Mike Kozlowski and Bob Wayman of NPI

Horseshoes 2016 - Final FourFormer champs Mike Kozlowski and Bob Wayman of NPI are Corporate Cup Horseshoes champs once again, but only after overcoming a near miraculous run through the losers bracket by CDWG’s Dan Ruggerio and Josh Waxman. The CDWG duo dropped into the losers bracket in their first game loss to another NPI team while Mike and Bob methodically rolled to five straight wins in the winners bracket. Refusing to meekly go home, Dan and Josh rattled off eight straight wins in the losers bracket and then toppled NPI to force the championship “If” game.

It was a back and forth affair in the early going as NPI jumped out to a 5-0 lead before came back to take 7-5 lead. NPI then pushed the lead back to 11-7 in their favor Waxman then hit a double ringer to give CDWG the lead at 13-11, but Kozlowski and Wayman took control from there and emerge with a 21-14 win.

It was a big night for NPI and CDWG as the controlled the top six spots in the tournament. NPI took first and fourth while CDWG placed second, third and two teams tied for fifth.

We want to thank the American Legion and the Valley Horseshoe League for being great hosts at one of the premier horseshoe facilities in the Northeast.

2016 Corporate Cup Horseshoes Results

The cost for individual teams not covered by a full company registration is $75.00. You must register each of your teams even if you did a full registration.

Information & Rules


Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to register. All team members must be present at the start of the event or the team will forfeit


  1. Good sportsmanship shall prevail at all times.

  2. Players shall refrain from the use of foul language at all times.

  3. Each team will have a maximum of three members. Two members of each team will pitch during each game. Substitutes may only be made at the start of a new game.

  4. Male team members will pitch from 40 feet Female members have the option to pitch anywhere behind the 30 foot line, but once a distance is chosen, it must be used throughout the match.

  5. The tournament will be double elimination bracket play. Each round of the tournament will consist of one game. The winner advances in either bracket. After a team’s first loss, they move to the lower or “loser’s” bracket. They compete in that bracket until they lose again and are eliminated from the tournament.

  6. Each game will be played to 21 points or 32 innings (may be reduced to 15 points and 25 innings if necessary to accommodate scheduling if needed), whichever comes first.

  7. Ringers will count as 3 points with individual points for shoes closest to the stake. A ringer is declared with the touching of both caulks simultaneously with a straight edge and permit a clearance of the stake. “Leaners” are 1 point.

  8. Points are counted when they are no farther than 6” from stake measured by one horseshoe width.

  9. “Cancellation” scoring is used. Only one team may score points per round. Ex.: Team “A” throws a ringer and Team “B” also throws a ringer, they cancel each other out. No points are scored.

  10. First pitch shall be determined by the toss of a coin or flipped shoe.

  11. No contestant, while opponent is in pitching position shall make any remark, utter any sound, nor make any movement that might interfere with opponent’s playing.

  12. A player, while not pitching, must remain on the opposite side of the stake to the player who is pitching, and behind the rear of the pitching platform.

  13. No contestants shall walk to the opposite stake during play.

  14. No contestant shall touch his own or opponent’s shoe or shoes until winner of point or points has been agreed upon by contestants or decision rendered by referee.  Players should voice their agreement.

  15. Winner of point or points shall give name and announce the results of each inning.

  16. Any shoe pitched that hits front, back, or side of pitching box shall be declared foul and removed from box.

  17. If any shoe is called foul, or hits in a foul area, then hits any shoe(s) in the fair area, the fair shoe(s) shall be scored in their final position.

  18. When a shoe lands in a fair area and is broken into several parts, it shall be removed and contestant allowed to pitch another shoe.

  19. No score shall be allowed when pitching opponent’s shoe.  All shoes pitched shall be declared dead and contestants will be allowed to pitch again.

Register here: You must register each of your teams even if you did a full registration. We reserve the right to limit the number of teams from any one company based on event capacity. Companies are guaranteed their full team registrations as long as they register in a timely fashion. Additional slots will be awarded proportionally for fairness to all companies, but timeliness of registration is a factor.

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