2015 Corporate Cup Wiffleball


Saturday, May 30
9:00 AM
The Fields at Ansonia Nature Center
10 Deerfield Lane  Ansonia

BIC is the 2015 Champ


Kevin Dunn, Sam Stringfellow, and Andrew Kush of BIC 2015 Corporate Cup Wiffleball Champs (more pictures later)

On April 29 Kevin Dunn and Sam Stringfellow gave BIC the Corporate Hoops title and on May 30 they added Andrew Kush to their team and walked away with the Wiffleball title. The were a perfect 5-0 on the day including wiping out a 5-1 deficit to defeat Griffin’s Karate Kids in the final game. They had already defeated Griffin in the semi-finals of the Winners Bracket, but Griffin bounced back to win three straight games to come out of the Losers Bracket. That included a dramatic extra inning 7-6 win over third place NPI.

Griffin appeared to be on their way to forcing the “if”game as they jumped out to a 5-1 lead, but BIC scored six times in the bottom of the second and then held Griffin scoreless in the third to earn the title.


Some Action Shots (Click picture to start slideshow or scroll one at a time):

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Preliminary Wiffle Ball Rules (Complete rules available at tournament)

1) Teams are composed of 3-5 players per team. 3 players in the field at any time, pitcher and 2 fielders. All 5 players may bat in the order. May substitute in the field at any time.

2) No base running – “imaginary” or “ghost” runners will be used.

3) The field will be marked with designated areas for singles, doubles, triples, and home runs.

4) The pitchers mound will be approximately 43 feet from home plate.

5) A strike zone “target” of approximately 23 inches wide by 27 inches high and 15 inches off the ground will stand 3 feet behind home plate. Balls not swung at that hit the target will be strikes.

6) Pitch speed -This is NOT a fast pitch tournament. Pitches should have a slight arc to them.

7) Fair play line – Ground balls must reach the fair play line to be considered “in play”. Those not crossing the line will be considered foul balls.

8) 3 strikes out, 4 balls walk. Foul balls are strikes, including third strike.

9) All caught fly balls are an out.

10) Singles -A batted ball that lands past the “single” or “fair play” line. Or any grounder that is not fielded cleanly or comes to a stop past the fair play line.

11) Doubles-A batted ball that falls past the doubles line.

12) Triples – A batted ball that falls past the triple line.

13) Home Run – A batted ball that falls past the Home Run line.

14) Where the ball lands determines single, double, etc.

15) Maximum time limit for each game to be determined.

16) Have Fun!

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