Corporate Cup Wiffleball 2016


Thursday, May 26
5:30 PM
Lafayette Field (tentative)
Right behind Valley United Way
54 Grove Street, Shelton

Griffin Displays Long Ball Power


Christian Meagher and David Godfrey are your 2016 Wiffleball Champs.

A steady performance through three rounds produced a dramatic win for Christian Meagher and David Godfrey of Griffin Hosptial in the 2016 Community Corporate Cup Wiffleball Home Run Derby. The two clouters were second in the first and second rounds before they swatted 12 homers in the finals and then sweated it out as NPI/Medical’s Neftali Ortiz and Dave D’Urbano hit 11 out of the park and still had one out to go. However a fly ball that fell harmlessly in play resulted in the final out and a Griffin win.

Christian was the individual leader on the day as he cranked out 28 home runs during the three rounds. Neftali’s 12 dingers in the second round was the most for anyone in a single round. CDW’s Charlie Piendl and Dan McGuirk finished third and they tied NPI/Medical for the best single round total with 15.

BIC finished first last year in the old tournament format, and Kevin Dunn and Andrew Kush finished fourth this time aroun.


Wiffleball will be a completely new format in 2016 – it will become a home run derby, so start preparing and bring out your biggest sluggers.

Wiffle Ball Rules 

Team members will pitch to each other. Each batter will have 10 “outs”. Any swing not resulting in a home run is an out. Teammates will then switch roles. The home run line is approximately 60 feet from home plate, and a home run is any batted ball that passes the home run line on the fly and lands in fair territory extended. The score in each round will be the total number of home runs for the team. The top half of the teams in each round and ties will advance to the next round until a winner is determined.


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