Each year, companies in the Valley community rally their employees to support Valley United Way, by running a workplace giving campaign.  A workplace campaign allows your company to support our entire community at once, by giving employees the opportunity to donate to Valley United Way’s Community Campaign.  The money raised, is distributed among our local partner agencies who are working hard to improve the lives of everyone in the Valley; preparing youth to succeed, strengthening families, and helping people in crisis.

Running a United Way Campaign is easy!  It boosts employee morale, benefits both your company and our community, and allows your employees the ability to help dozens of agencies and hundreds of people in need, for only a few dollars a week.

If your company is interested in learning more about starting a workplace campaign, please contact Jillian at (203) 926-9478 or email her at jillian.carroll@valleyunitedway.org

Why Participate?

Running a Workplace Campaign is GOOD for business, BETTER for employees, BEST for our community and EASY to get involved!

Valley United Way’s annual community campaign creates that good feeling of knowing that you have done the right thing and made someone’s life better.

In addition to feeling good, running a workplace campaigns brings much needed funds to our Valley region. In the past five years, thanks to the help of our corporate partners and donors, Valle United Way  allocated $2.5 million to advance the common good in our community.

Our work focuses on the areas of greatest need in our community: Preparing Youth for Success, Strengthening Families, and Helping People in Crisis.

Benefits to Running a Workplace Campaign

There are multiple benefits to running a campaign!  Here are a few:

A Sense of Community
Helping to create a healthy community attracts new businesses, builds a stronger labor force, and improves the quality of life for everyone living and working in our community!  Partnering with Valley United Way can:

  • Help Meet Your Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Goals by aligning your companies philanthropic goals with ours and by having the opportunity to get hands on by participating in one of our many volunteer projects.
  • Provide an Opportunity for Team Building allowing employees to socialize and work together planning and executing the campaign and it’s activities.
  • Empower Your Employees to Give Back by fostering a relationship between the workplace and non-profit organizations in need of support.
  • Boost Company Morale by focusing your organization around a common goal
  • Raise Awareness of Local Issues by allowing a United Way staff member to come speak to employees about the needs in our community and ways they can help make a difference.

Improvement in the Workforce
Getting involved can help boost your company’s reputation, re-energize current employees, and attract new quality employees to join the workforce.  Running a wrokplace campaign can:

  • Enhance Your Companies Reputation by getting involved with a nonprofit you show the community and your employees that you care.
  • Identify Emerging Leaders by allowing employees to help organize the workplace giving campaign.
  • Reinforce Trust of upper management and the company as a whole, by both employees and the community.

Valley United Way’s Help Every Step of the Way
Your not in this alone!  Valley United Way staff will be there to guide you every step of the way as you organize and execute your Workplace Giving Campaign.  Valley United Way can:

  • Develop a Custom Campaign that aligns with the values of your company and its employees.  We will sit down with you and create your very own campaign kickoff, fundraising events, and achievable goals to keep you on target.  Be sure to check out our campaign toolkit for all the materials you need to make your campaign a success!
  • Provide Easy Methods of Giving by offering convenient donation options including, payroll deduction, credit card, and electronic giving.
  • Promote Your Involvement by sharing your story with our community.  Corporate partners are recognized on our website year round and during their campaign receive publicity on Facebook, Twitter, and local newspapers.  Corporate partners also receive special recognition at the end of each campaign year in our Annual Report.  If your company reaches a certain dollar amount or participation percentage, you may even receive an award at our Annual Meeting each April.
  • Offer Your Employees Options by allowing gifts to go to a specific focus area of Valley United Way’s, a partner agency or any 501c3.  Of course by giving a gift straight to Valley United Way, your one gift helps many.
  • Keep You Informed by sending newsletters and mailings with campaign status updates, event invitations, and upcoming volunteer projects to get involved with.

It’s Easy to Run a Workplace Campaign

Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Contact Jillian at Valley United Way
  2. Choose a date for the kickoff presentation
  3. Gather employees on the designated date and allow Valley United Way to give a brief presentation about who we are, what we do, and how we help the community
  4. Have someone from your company talk to employees about why they chose to run a United Way Campaign, what the goal is for the company to raise, and boost morale within the office
  5. Choose incentives for employees who contribute (optional)
  6. Choose a date to have all donations collected by
  7. Be as creative as you would like and have fun!
  8. Contact Jillian when all pledge forms and donations have been collected

Campaign Toolkit

We’ve provided you with all the material needed to run your campaign.  Be sure to check out our Campaign Coordinators Guide for fun ideas to run your campaign.  If you need something you don’t see, please let us know!

 Click here to see our Campaign Toolkit





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