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One of the unique services provided by the Volunteer Center at Valley United Way is to help coordinate “hands-on” group volunteer projects – largely for members of the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC). Volunteer Center Director Patricia Tarasovic manages the process of matching employee groups with Valley agencies looking for volunteer assistance. Many business use the activities as team building exercises that not only benefit the employees and the company, but also make a real difference in the community.

The service dates back to the formation of the CVC in 1995. Area business were invited to join the Council and to share information and foster collaboration on volunteer projects that would benefit both the companies and the community. The original concept was to meet regularly and to work on one major project each year. The first project which took place was the remodeling of the shelter operated by the Umbrella – now called the Center for Domestic Violence Services. The project was so successful that the CVC decided to take on further joint projects. That has now expanded so that Pat helps to coordinate projects for single groups as well.

Pat creates a customized, hands-on group volunteer projects that help companies meet their team building, leadership development and philanthropic goals. The Volunteer Center, with more than 22 years of volunteer and project planning experience, and relationships with more than 100 community partner organizations, help companies effectively and efficiently invest their time and resources.

Companies and volunteers call Pat to find and organize project opportunities at local agencies. She knows the needs of the community, volunteers, and what is required to accomplish their mission. She helps the companies find a project by taking company representatives to several non-profits to see which one is a good fit. Pat also is present the day of the planned project with the executive director of the non-profit to make sure the mission of the non-profit is understood by all the volunteers. so they know what all their hard work is contributing to the community, among other coordination tasks. With great gratitude, Pat always reminds the volunteers that by working on this project they are Living United and the volunteers always agree.

Some of the Agencies that have benefited from the projects of the CVC include:

  • The Parent Child Resource Center
  • YMCA
  • TEAM Inc.
  • The Early Childhood Education Center
  • Tinney Community Center
  • Salvation Army
  • Center for Domestic Violence Services
  • Derby Day Care
  • Spooner House
  • Derby Historical Society

Some recent examples of projects completed:


Nielsen Company






To date the Corporate Volunteer Council has provided nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS in-kind services through its projects.

For information on how the join the CVC or find a volunteering opportunity, please contact Patricia Tarasovic at 203-926-9478 (

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