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Valley United Way’s Volunteer Center not only matches volunteers with agencies, but it also helps to direct larger group projects in the community. With the cooperation of the  Corporate Volunteer Council, the Center has undertaken a variety of major, special projects in the community including the annual events highlighted below. Click on any of the links below to see Valley volunteers in action.

Two major projects the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) gets involved with are Week of Caring and Back to School. During the Week of Caring, groups of volunteers come together to make a measurable difference in the Valley through their collective effort on a major project, with Harvest House as their project every other year. The Back to School program collects and provides new clothes and school supplies for kids before the start of the school year. This program ensures these children will be excited and motivated for the upcoming school year. To date the CVC has outfitted 2,402 Valley children and spent $480,400.00.

Back to School

Back to School 2016
Back to School 2014
Back to School 2013
Back to School 2012
Back to School 2011
Back to School 2010

Week of Caring

Week of Caring 2014
Week of Caring 2013
Week of Caring 2011
Week of Caring 2010

Holiday Giving

Holiday Giving 2015
Holiday Giving 2014

Holiday Giving 2013


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